About Us

StreetVision Foods is dedicated to the business concept of specializing in representing premium quality food product lines which occupy the level one tier in each their product category. Our philosophy is to assemble lines that complement each other and positively impact one another to facilitate our consultive selling approach to building increased sales and profits for both our principles and our valued end users.

Our motivation is growing each of the lines we represent. Our business core is based on establishing relationships with the crucial End User, whether it be a regional multiunit chain, a casino, a college, a white table cloth restaurant, a country club or high volume independent restaurant.

Our business goal is to be the best foodservice broker in the market. Not the biggest, the best. Each member of our talented marketing/sales team is a seasoned food professional with years of complementary marketing and sales management experience. Key to our business approach is understanding and embracing the culture of our principles and representing each of them as if we are part of their organization.

Street Vision Foods believes in a simple concept within the distribution network-lots of service and follow up. Since we represent just a handful of key principals, we are simply able to “out hustle” our competition.

And finally, we are all about relationships – with our principles, our distributors and certainly, our end users (where it all begins and ends). The Street Vision Foods mantra is “to generate incremental sales and profits for both our principles and our customers”.

Ben Norton 
15 years foodservice sales experience
Business Development Manager at Roisume Elite/Key Impact
Major responsibilities include key distributor management
Account executive for primary manufacturers

Rob Christensen
4 Years with SVFoods
Operator Specialist; primary responsibilities for select  key product lines
End-user and food show specialist




Bill Norton, Jr
20 years of Food Service Sales/Marketing Experience
Multi Unit Restaurant Owner/Operator
Distributor Program Sales – Reinhart Foods TWC
Region Sales Mgr. Joseph’s Pasta
Region Sales Mgr. Smithfield Foods

Bill Norton, Sr
President/Founder of FOODMARK, new product consulting and research.
President/CEO of  Mrs. Clark’s Foods
EVP/COO Source Food Technology
VP Sales/Marketing  Compart Family Farms (Responsible to launching the only Dry Aged Pork on  the market)
General Mills –New Products Manager, Betty Crocker Division