Street Vision Foods is Independent and a rather new player in the foodservice brokerage world.  Started in 2009 by Bill Norton Jr., the company of one began growing its list of principles who were looking for representation in the market that focused upon the end user.  Bill Sr. joined SVF in 2010 after serving as VP  of Sales and Marketing for Compart Family Farms as SVF continued adding new premium food companies who were looking for a more focused representation in the Minnesota marketplace.

Ben Norton joined SVF in 2013  after eight years with Roissum Elite/Elite Marketing shortly after the company was acquired by Key Impact Marketing.  The timing worked well for SVF as our principle list continued to grow and more experienced manpower was needed to keep the  momentum for both SVF and our principles.

SVF added our fourth team member in 2015.   Rob Christensen had  been working on a part-time basis for SVF for the past two years and took on the primary responsibility required by the addition of two new principles.

Now in our sixth year, SVF is still the “new kid” on the block with respect to foodservice brokers in Minnesota.  Starting with one principle in 2009, we have grown in terms of size and number of principles. However, we have done so because of our commitment to serving the end-user with top of the line food products.   And while we are a  little larger, we are still Independent and Focused upon building sales for our principles by concentrating on end-user calls and relationships.

SVF. Family Owned.  Family Operated.  Independent.